tunnelling smoothly
arrogant between the twists
shaking crackers down the trail
i bend into a mould of colours in my fist
as if to send my hip to the rainbows
and if it matters it goes to the flowers
everything dances up me like fire
the wolves may feed for hours
i see the way i should have been but i cant reach over
the glass here keeps me in
i shiver
down the path
i keep myself along the fold
but i do look up from time to time
i keep my gaze very short
not to course
over the white line i speak up
what i follow i fear and concur
to follow behind and relax
releasing my excuses
waiting for time to pass
dont hold my hand to sit with me
dont call me robert or bob
i dont want to know what i am supposed to do
keep me winded like a frog
or unwind me from it all
i dont see it all clear just yet but
keep it coming down
there is so much to see and do here
im someone to be around
all i need is to see the distinction
that things in life be freed
i dont want to see self destruction
so i stand with weak knees
i turn my head up to the noise
but nothing else holds like the graze
of wind up bending slinky
from my fathers days
i keep my own franchise but nothing sells
im limited in my movement
all i saw in the belly of the world cant turn me on with music
what a thing to say
as I invest
these words to page
i keep in contract with my hair
rosie posies daffodils queen
have kept there end of bargain

everythings so distant here
foggy hard to see
travelling on a big white horse
galllop to be free
like everything
there is so much more
but all i do is
slide my feet
aching echo in the night
burning out for me
bonds the mercury
tuning mimics alabaster
great and violent sea
kept my portion overnight
to the right of me
saved myself for the morning
when so many have gone
have the love of winter morning
strung up in this song
is there much left you need
under that stairwell
evertrhing seems right to be
i know it very well
humming a tune
to the work they speak
like crazy bananas will
big ears trotting up to the north
summits pill and swell



bursting art floats
collecting its grummet
archeaic composed
desolate summit
a crumpled up
rag rusted plummet
bristle sensed notes
like a harp plucking carpet
lift my head to see
all the magic of the market
holding next to me
like a tar bath
in exodus
martian platoon smiled left of us
asking me what happend to the best of us?
singing high to the gods
in the canary sun shine

i crashed into some
blistering flame
differing from the beginning
but in my mind, the same
carbon implodes
he’s seeking the chatter
covering up lies
with all lives matter
how brown as they are
i remain to roast
fretting this image
rotting its host
barrels of rubbish
feeding the most
with no real resin
fleeting to boast
skidding morality
kookaburra notes
crying it seems
for one anothers scemes
caught in dismay
curvy it seems
you cant catch his play
or see him behave
but’ll seek you
in the form of a slave

Sister nervous
Husband knowing
But I’m anxious the second time
To be around food from others
Bring food for others to see
I don’t want to be part of an angry group of people
I,m not into competition
Or advocacy
I just feel better
Knowing I’m doing the right thing
But it’s exhausting
Everyone worries your not getting enough
And it’s separate
And it’s expensive
And takes time to prepare
I worry about those parts
But I’m back to it I guess

i debated pornographic video
i twisted to look at my waist
my butt
this is it
we could sell me
my hair drifted along my arms
i thought of heff and marilyn
i twisted it into a wet bun
pulled my outdoor gear over my tights
wore my frilly socks
i wore that same thing so many times
i thought to myself
i ate my chickpeas with pepper
i lost and lost
i liked the way they tasted warm
i looked all around
all the pretty lights at night
just one trip to the bridge would do it
i thought about my waist
and thought about the money
i thought about you
i thought about us
i thought about those sick fucks
who waited for this
i sat and stared out the window
i didnt even photograph
the pounds that stayed the next months
i got so mad i just gave up
which is what i do
i give up
i never hoped for that to happen again
but screw me for thinking it was bound to happen

cat call
hood throw
beat smooth
no glow
moon rises
the lessons
they flow
it go
water rises
through snow
new smoke
cold throat
dont quote
just note

the sound of speaking softly
the feel of patience
feeling the pain
hearing the keys
haunting silence
a dark oak haunts me
echos lift as i
shift my position
a thick mist plugs
the great fog lessens
a host
the sands of an hourglass drift to me
a debating font corrugates
air just lifts up the pages
drifting to this
i focus my energy
my legs lift
my shoes clammer
i am not wanted
i waive my rights
they look to me
my consent
has no capacity
i lift my pen
my book slides under me
marbles drop at my feet
i keep my earwarmers over
my fingertips numb
my throat coughs out the moist air
dizzing thoughts drift me to one side
i keep my ear low
my neck frozen
i lay
and listen
this meaning keeps me near
it says