sweet talking chicken
that cold smoked rice
that impecable christian
that red rum delight
that Iroquois flambé
that roast red fright
that seared chicken breast
that roticeried bright
eloquent fauxpe
to the tripe
the smooth hour glass
the reasoned on right
that delicate tawny
that rain in sight
that plain stone cold
that wrappers delight

I’ll get that rich skin cream with vitamin e please
those cotton bbeauty gloves
not talking supplement
im talking simpliment
like an obey tee walking your bmx
nancy drew
ima call you
within ruins

pretty punch

could be a fork but
mightve been a wishbone
look for fault lines in the earth
like locke tonnes
finding tombstones

drawn in sand
hourglass of holding hands

broken stick smashed in
muddy stone turned girth
clay faced aerospace
snow man missing in my purse

wishing softly to whispering grass
like wind it chimes around
glistening glossy land

clapping muck like turf
looking grasshopper
power surf

too much waving
in like dominos
pizza pies pepperoni
with round circles

olympus gravy and fries
volcanos set in
water sky

bandaid wrappers like nail glue
kinder suprise wrapper who
coffin too

Lifeless Leonard

Along the wall

watching stones thrown across and fall

like boulders ache on

the unforgiving front

the lever unreached

the fossil left art

While i watch the scene

over and over

your at the center

as i look down

things continue to be swept

creating the frown

bow down

riddle less brow

i roll across the times
and lift the sheet
please do what you want with me
you lick my pierced neck and
i just cant see your face
grab me pull me choke and cover me
i close my eyes
please lick my asshole?
can we have sex again?
we have no condoms
did you want to have sex with me?
do you like my pussy?
ive been bad
be rough
ive failed.
i drift away
i keep it to myself
think about it in the pool
i hear myself crying
walking over to the towel
need some pool food
keep myself bled
and driving
im still driving


shoulda stepped to this recycling bin
garbage shits upping rate
im invisible yes
its so hot
i float across
my old goat black remote
be wavin hi
given smokies to the croaks
wassup yup i got 5 for you
flames biccin gentle men bend on knees
to feel a smile? wtf
he got that blinder music
from behind the gates
making munny at the top
smoking free
shits great
shits good if you can see
verg of the berg
birthin proofed
not looking to encourage
think im from the marsh with all this fog in my face
pearly white mouth 17 years after brace
no welfare news
just kind words to another
one who respects my shoes
one of my brother
drawing pictures like
you like mermaids too?
out cornering a mini protest
looking for food
like i wanna eat
asking if i like mushrooms
float to the moon
only its tiered atop
thousands of shiny balloons
of course i told him i would not
and so you
ill see you soon
cant wait to see the room
mixing loon
i did i say sober? I thought it was saber tooth

i didnt know that crown jewels was so disgustin
your eyes hiding like
that boy is bustin
i was just looking for a guy with those burger king fries
hella good ‘lies
and no touchin
something bout holdin off keeps me hushin
no protection to this flooding heart
beats are rubbin
water suddin
shiny eyes lovin
watering seeds to my sand
illuminating man
its seriously clear
dont cross my mind
never fear
see me yelling free
i dont wanna see
who wouldnt wanna be me?
cant speak
wont speak
just speak in text
mix moon microphone
yes cigarettes