lag time like a picture before you close it
just wait until i make it
unstabler just cant roast it
the one who bugs you life like a fly swatter
I take ya out toasted
keep it light and easy like a potato sandwich
fruit fly can
cant get out once I get ahold of your hand
get a grip if I dont see you
you wont hold me
its like this
what she said
oh yes i can, scold me

Smoochie Robyn
Like a backstabbing pen
Carry 2
Like going to remai
to buy me a pen
No days off
Prolly be workin
Roast is toast
shovelled in
a new hen
Goblin gooses
Zombie zoster in
Snatch that chick
Out gates
that peacock bear in
Toss that state
Far from imprints
Hobo gloves
Inks creepin
Like jellyfish blottin
Glass eye searching lurking
Prolly smurfin
So much jerkin
Heart pale
Must be workin
Red face noose nursin
Calm trough
Clicking surfing
Irritating beats cause scoffing
Hope it’s blue rare
On your stake
This is heart health
Buffy’s black and white
considerable snare
consider your life
and timely spared

Big balloons uptake
These Bafoons
Second guessing
Like alarms
Math of the after day
Like Siri doesn’t understand me
Like a gypsy
Call me Captain hungry
Like Buffy
Can’t keep em down in the grave slave
Pungent flowers like a hot date
Chili date
Rohipnol in my flap
Like a heart serge on
Got these broke flaps
These Chest walls stats like crunched tats
Hearing lacks the most with low batts

Chicken scratch
Runs clear
1800s gun in the back
fear the rack
Horses near
requesting chats
FB back
Oregon trails like
Herb seasonin
Penning without slacks
Know Your supported
like the Brazieres on sale racks
One shot on a blow up toy
Like a mailman
got him emptying his sacks
Sometime. Wish I could delete ahead of what I said
Like a skater says these acts
Buying fits that only make my heels crack
Heat blast is defrosting these mats
Like Level 3
digesting tic tacs
Smooching talk
Hiking In these bushes leaving
Dark tracks
Here to Alliviate
This mail earthquake
Like oats stew rinds of sugar state
Rockin milkshake
In a Quake estate
Battle Bridges with a nerfs fake
Bottles up seeing brown
Like burnt cake
Like a private holding up partners
Battle words dying to fight mate
I been late
Hit paste like it’s school retakes
Steel toes with out e
Is a mistake
hard to bust tapes
Without beats call in sick like
signs read stay out
Like Clayton Boucher
No talk of sticks crack talk musty
Ortho spy hips locate
Theory must wave
Dice hate crusty
This is must have
Like doc rate

Like this bike gear
Ima go all ear
Like good year
No fear
Mike Greer
Pretty sneer
Fresh sear
Ima get it like pen
Dip hear
Like fondue
Ima dip here
4×4 in the
Back mirror
Fog here
Play this one
Bike beer
Back rear
Font tear
Rip mikes
Like a friend dear
Over limits
Press nike here
Jump pier
This Time near

Oh it’s sticky
Like a post it
Numerous coasters wet
Like a bulletproof vest
Sideswiped like
I just can’t get it off my chest
Like a vet
I set it out
My old patches I impress
Those kisses in sunset
Choose select
Highlight notes in blue velvet
Wishin on 649 I place a bet
Old bars like
I like to I sit
Gym suit
I brought
huskie sweats
Old tablet
Stick in my throat like
It’s the Only lunch I get

Shits brewin
Smoothing table tops
Pushin grout out
Round the crackin
Shits foul mouthed
Like compressions
coffin infected
gettin pip taz
Check viral but not a contagion
Obvious suggestion
Packing bags
continuously flowing freshly
Notice you tripping pulling out
Bustin lines like infiltration
Got that spec in
It’s a blessin
Smooth collection
It’s a testin
A lesson
For my restin
Giving you that needed