Lyric poetry
mightier than the sword
arrive in lines, elaborate
am i just my torso’s head?
sleeper now
Break like bubbles
yellow oak leaves
she’s an inspirational device
paired lovers
forget thee?
false images of lovers who do not exist.

I ated this takeout
and I paid for it
Rollie tubes remind me of old blitz
Bombing tracks
crecent batch
big v sways from the midsection
sits humpback on the notoriety clinic subsection
Goathe in my sac helps me see
higher platforms of cheaper noodles
I watch waters move
Read through reconciliation
powerful mud draw implodes like a parachute
it flows valentines over my two shoes
in a puff of realism I pout my lips
and mimick blush to my predecessors as I gaze at the stars
I scream wait from the sidewalk as if the windows can hear me
memoirs to an old fender in an engine as glazed as me
once painted to the kilne
I seized the importance of a moment
like dr Thom
A huffy bike fanned from an old hustler magazine
straiten out my pony tail in the background vision of cholera
works referenced
like a word of collage
black hooded raven at my back blows me away
sewed like seaweed and sequined all over my body I envisioned myself like a work of art instead of a training wreck
a deep sea fishing excursion-typed
sewed and sequinned across my body
speaks brightly like warrior quills and uneven mismatched quilts that layover my bleak existence
wholly wholly
dominance beckons the water at my feet
treble finds my me
like trouble down the hallway
I request a five dollar pen at the shop
it speaks winded reference as i walk
my crazy is concealed unlike the written verbs of a coffee shop tattoo squawk
I am hidden in the no parking lane I rent
those inquiries lay dormant as I pass out over a bible and lie on my chest
I rasp a course cough- without sounding too cuffed –
I crackle at the experience my lungs have endured over time
I clear my throat of evidence that may expire in me down below
at the expense of others,
I trap equations of dormancy
lying to rest all but my infancy
all but my eyes
I open my heart to read for the help that others seek
like I could receive a prize
For the deep vision
or bison I lack
the rasins crinkle in my eyes
I hurry to it
my pen swirls south for the thousandth time
Drenched my equilibriums in soupy battery
the past versions non updated
nucleas of which I haven’t met
Acids and bases lie benign
bringing chemistry to life,
I drift to plotted memory
and expose my plighted youth symbols
as if some sash or badge will appear
I lie as if there is some redirection
lying down on this path.


bumping bus
she hit shockwaves
nickel and diming it
going library time
read the
brail on the floor
like it speaks
its quiet muse
to me once more
to busy to respect
ill put a sock in the door
like those ruby shoes fail
to keep any score
keep a new fuse
roger rabbit flows till tues
checking steady hand signals fore
too weak for depends
keep calm like a mouth in the screw
set like i leave with a pony in a bruised mitt
kiss my mouth like a tablet
all this tallness and no flock
i clout a dock on a rock
i boat a wave like a small talk
if its rainy i keep a new wit
i roll over sunset on rhyming with a news paper i roar
sitting like city benches over stones taken from citizens
psychology taps on new stones like cigarettes
bullet bins tragic
in the trenches of snow
keep bruised and wore out
behind me like this info
these library stones I know
like wood doors
i still fear this window
how uncleanly i reach to and frow
draw a line in the sand to accept any borrow
with these media relations
and its our last best chance to soar
like an eagle
cuz its a long way back to forgotten
and many riveting faces seeking closure
drifting halls are candy
citizen tin trudy carries a glow
in 80 ft overthrown snow
a nation maker keeps tabs on the low
dreams of brock violence polish a tie
like railways busts toes
loosening this guy
john keeps a mouth over soot
best i describe
all over
incredible can i
keep upper hooks at rest
my paris is kept solo
nauseous test
the how it went on like
rocks in a chest below
like beasts in the next know
i cruise past and let unseen show
i wear a diamond in my chest
no engravings ever hollow
like a rubix cube in rest
eloquent typing seeks a new crow
attempting the quest
the troubles talk in a row
pew princes keep a song that drips fast of dialect
nose it up quick
wearing a new vest
girl in the station
static in the attic
like a foam in the rest
this pen will scratch
along nicotine with kaftka
96 bets the scratch
handed over to those who see
artistic cesspool
drips accordingly
like milena is a type of stool
plexiglass prism
lassos problems with bricks of english
making enchanted dwarfs puke
otherwise like painted lips she laid
them down

the toilet did possess extreme skill
thats what i like about her
such a creature walked and demanded revenge
frantic activity
female leads took
like my own heartbeat
if one owes to others
goodbye for now

lets go for brunch on sunday morning
sunday morning
sunday morning
when the preachers sing
alleluluah over the ring
christ is king
yes he is
the promise land
is where he lives
this grain of sand
the way i know
the softest blow
the king will squeeze over 50 rows
i see the rise
of goodness
in his eyes
in the way he says his replies
i see the sunny thought sunrise
of the sheltered
the dreadful
the courageous
colorful brights
when i see the skies
i look up high
and i notice his

jury duty
back again
written up this time
my friend
timed and true
this thoughtless never ends
provoked from them
the hardest fights
the one you walk beside
telling lies
disposing cries
bellow like lakes in the thunder
endless summer eyes
through your thoughtless eyes
every abandoned thought
streamed past my heart
i wiggled through life
like a work of art
a world apart
i will never see the start
this time Im moving on
and its coming back

i said hey
whats it like there
where no one gives a care
i said hey
i said hey
what you don’t care
while your being there
i said hey

i said hey
its a nightmare
no one really there
i said hey

Mens911 got the 411
Size 2.0 yo
Headboard made of cardboard
Leave the chest open for a carton sum
Vans scoots get them un done
Got the eye for the juice
tickets dashboard fun
Round and round
Park for 5 and run
Better skate this one
Keep a cord on the lightshow hon
Dip in and feel
The light coma
Of a dimlit sun

little cheques
keep the urges quarter ton
and finding wretch in glory done
penetrate what equates up with singledom
wherever gone i clock out a new run

Work is work
tinfoil my hat
Eloise bouquet
Sunnyside on dash
Wiped and milked
Phone is tapped
Iked latched
Keyboard smashed
Cashed in queen
Hippopotamus hatched
keen is matched
Ella queen in the bboy snatch
Underwire fiend off of crashed
Kingdom come off me like dash
An extra charge quick and black
New style times 3
call it craft
All the weird spins lumen artifact
Claw the membrane flicked this catch intact
Darker shack
Shifter racked
Coffin spools atch
Call it quits not
qued e@