a good dabber

in a matter minutes
backing a crossfire
of intimate fighters
bears arms of wealth in a
lingering distaste of
gathered silly moes

a juiced dew
with spokes of innocence
in scents of
the doing
some pushing past ledgers
across verbal vocal druins
abort the televised understanding
pushed across
foiled with
trophic intuition

virtuous distances
lose faith
with promotion of
in esquire


main wealth
signed within, a cross
an approach saris
as it proves
with nightmare secretions
belt in lyrical ability

that putrid smell
of some anointed arrhythmia
without sounding
too berry
a voice to a bear


but its

Bundt cake
The best part is the misspell
When indesicive it’s cuz
you want both
We can’t afford to be innocent
And the Amazon river is no longer the Nile
Makes no ounce of indifference
God your so responsible
Tattoo the ugly parts
Mamma Mia
All the things are best grey
Best of bits all seem to be gay
Big party
Born deciple
And million dollar rap
you never heard
Mimi on drew carey
Basement of the banks whee we keep the people
Make anything glow
World map makes states of all read no stinople
But it’s unnecessary
You breathe on your own
You stupid dumple
Walk a mile in my own
Mini cardinal ledger
Lick a spot you pull the trigger
Barry manalow
Love story
Traffic therapist
I don’t come back ya
Phillips Phillips zephyr
if you like it
You take that colour gold
Dakota fanning purple
Dodgin up incredible
Hope ops the founded
Beats plump an illedgible blow

World views
So illiterate
Thumping downstairs
Glovin it
I no I just tryin to help
Love and shit
Night walk clubbin
Downtown rubbin it
Ain’t no thang
Munster dubbin it
Ate ale clock
Bo dock
Walk the block ock
Udder fit

what is a wiffymim
is it where souls divide
is a place of havoc or suprise?
i die inside
i seek favors
drops off sleekly
caught up
frizz off ropes
smooth up
dust up
and breathe out
hail to the virgin
a kiss from a wimper
an eggshell to drop
and plop
a new ream
and tail of a tale
like a dally is airflow in a bismol
a plummet of apostle bending
where i seek a court of type
a slow font out to a small leary oil
i blend and keep
and pla out with a light dance
throughout the downtown yard
a full cup of doyle
and a tall cream siv o play

If she’s got a ponytail why she wears fangs onher crown
She dances around
Holding her mane like a pony
destruction town
a dustpan won me
If closets are dusty
It’s bathrooms I keep
It’s cabinets interestingly
wait patiently
Water damaged and shameful to see
keep on doin too much
just getting too much steam
Check off a list
Scratch a billy
Yep it’s a stretch but I still fit some category
Check off the list
Bystander whitney
Smiling so brite
Out no hearty
Standing off to the corner
Too soon to see
All them brides
Looking to me
Oh fuck
Petitioning me
Damn it truth
The Kids really see

Someone hold someone down don’t even know they can get up and shit

Girl datin girl as a girl
Tom boy
Don’t be pretending all soft n shit cuz your bitch ass husband preferred that shit
Wanted a tough ass who shut the hell up
Probe you

Kids all fuckin not just gay but fuckin trans. Over aware
Walk-in through allies type shit
Speak up
Ain’t no depression fuckin borderline fuckin low sel image
Just limited brainless excuses of care givers who hold in that shit down and
Benefiting off your fuckin radiance
Witch? Wanna burn me I got rights and balls motherfucker
Gimme the cardboard
Tell Harold ima be up all night for that sorry fuckin cuse of a prick dad he got
Riding his ass
Him and his motherfuckin family
Fuckin races town folk and immigrants
Gimme a fuckin house of animals and a fuckin gps I’ll show you honest fuckin life mothers of f,a
Watch u looking at check yourself and pull that fuckin norm whoop ass by the fuckin reigns
Ain’t no one gonna tell you stop but your fuckin self
Change that seldom to a self dome and take up fencing Portland bitch

Alls I need is a charger
Channel the blob bic

Peaceful preset radiance with dark orbs to plan and protect a ———-glow in the dark——-model where ain’t no one fraid of crazy talkin role models
Electrocute your ass if they had a chance
Keep you so low you resort is a piece of cardboard in front of the local library
Bitch you work full time as a registered nurse who controlling that prehistoric gang wackiness body shamin sexual fuckin Carl Sagan beauty near you
So strong and fearless you shave your head so no barbies get hurt and see herself differently
You a baller Kevin Aucoin be praisin the adhd gods tonight
If I want a girl so bad why I still want a dick I mean that’s the only thing he got I don’t otherwise I marry a rear view mirror
Scare me with your
Satisfying Safe books for curious early virgins light years
For virgin eyes only
Don’t you dare collect and try to scold me
Don’t believe every sign you see
Look to scare yourself and be excited to see ppl of the past
Coded comedy
Bootlegging blasts to the pasts
Making scents
Being honest despite others plans to sabotage and protect their power zone
Don’t wanna give up move over or share
Where do kids come from?? Where?
Fear becomes a xtortion over exaggeration replaces your ability to stand up
Someone rummaging through your belongings when they are whiny little bitches
Pretty sure if physical violence was legal she would beat me up for speaking loud
Fuck shame ——-
This band stole my pay check———
Swallow a sword
Fuckin magic
Previous gang association?
I swear I do something one time and it is on it’s like I fuckin full on endorse that shit
I got standby haters waiting to push me up off that cliff when I stop
I got a lazy what you call wandering eye whatever it’s got me here but I also don’t read well round people who intimidate me
To cope I usually just quickly sign my name… ever do that? Makes people smile and run it’s like the perfect get away and you don’t even need to know where you going
Like he’ll that girl got them same clothes on err day and up slippin our free wifi the fuck she workin on?
Not gonna ask
She just a dumb sucker tryin ya live another day
Them gobbstoppers try to keep her in the basement they don’t wanna walk out n care for their mistakes they just wanna beat her up sees her and drown her out
She don’t stop tickin
Or talkin either tho mmhmmmm

Pretabulated chivalry

Elevate your mood to Chinese and Philippine
Never give in to the dog again
Protect your space become a property junky
Be daring good and honest with spontaneous forbidden social behaviour the good old hard working bitch filled momentary no fucks given way
Say what you’ve always wanted
Run then either fuck or master bate or scream or right down your current thinking state in a free flow Georgous way

Watch your life change
But you must live it and cop danger in the face as a solo artist
Walk away from your previous life by having to walk to work
Starving yourself to save money
Tired of sweating? Stop drinking water
Talk to dead relatives via Netflix movies
If you wanna party keep the radio on
I’ll be damned if you show me a new song in my car
Four approval: Hex out your babys soul and kick your own dog
When debt reputation and moral standards are no longer an option for working women and for you and
Hints you may be being invaded by parallel god equivalents
If it feels so good when it’s a trap
energy copywriting
Always plan a safe ride home
Even if you pound an ounce for every year your sorry ass has been alive at your wedding night and run into the bush for mora support
See— it’s too late and everyone saw
At least your mother in law can likely drive your standard ass to the shoulder
I thought geometry was geology
Who pulled me out of my physics desk? Was it a psychic or a dyslexic?