run away
no accident here
no incident to plee
get a lawyer
cannot see
as we have
no money
human rights
will not be
living free
close your file
sans disability
take my child away from me
because i wont sleep
take a pill
stay with my mommy
go to a shelter
have to separate
now i see the clicking gates
its to late
call the guards
sleep awake
heres a couch
well lock your fate
vegan love not hate
shove these in
be a good girl
call you schizo
cant walk away
on a sunny day
christmas holiday
sleep to late
take DI cant work, mitigate
ruin lactate
evolving diagnosis
says psychiatry anyways
take away pills from me
see the man in front of me
wont stand up and introduce to me
‘i dont know you’
thats what they say
its because ‘i knew’
they didnt let me get away
i had to run all day
i worried when the next homeless man would approach
or guard who was not a fan
you owe me
take your pension
take your fee
take all your fucking
say back to work so there aware
now all my manager does is stare
i get the chance to find a place
my purpose try again at a new pace
others look me up loco
take your credits
work till were worn
years on our minds
just gratitude born
while you take our savings, outlook,
hope and demeanour
we gain it all back despite
their best efforts
To wean em



clouded grey
no escape
ripped from lap
slipped away
drifting toward
better be dead
throw that glass
roar out loud
slam that door
knife a bed
pound my skin along winds and turns
accept a high five
bolted tongue on the door
keep her close
even the score
left hand boomer
pounds brothers floor
takes his girl
calls minutes later
what you sorry for.

sitting on your lap
corkscrew cap
dirty old couches
shaking ass
watch my back
breathe it in
slam the door
watch your face
behind the door
spray the smell
hear you call
twirl the cord
across the floor
didnt shotgun
your bro to the back
the last time i saw
you touch my lap

sitting across with
your jacket all warm
its like the beat in my heart
since i was born
knows that im sunny
head a storm
bar is glazed
feeling funny sworn
sitting with you
feel purple haze torn
smouldering ways
flirting days worn
like your ghost
here to stay
apple sweetness
watching me
through outer space korn
apple metal
my heart space

Standing in thick
such a divide
one breathe quick
everything hide
to have and hold
soft like gold
eyes like
never get old
fold finger north sold
light through a champ bold
empty and nulled
wince past the boxes
everything rolled
mall walk
man is near
shopping trolled
breathe is here
talking told

table tears
all my fears
could not see
what face jumps
3 years
glossed matted shiny

ready as the pride
standing in the doorway
I feel blue
dont recognize me?
experiencing life
with lessened expectation
life lessons
and tempting old news
i feel the connect
in lighted ways
makes me miss you
all over again