Im not a runner but this times exciting
Im just local
but in this climate
but Im lovin on this foreign material
likecollecting orders
just to see if the glass fits
descended genes
not dismembered mitts
same hole I piss
exposed tits
stickin this slippery gloved knife in
wherever it fits
dishwasher left it
old dirty booty tight fit
likin on this old dirty dick
scrape the scum off of the tip
sort your knees like ties
I like to pick pick
there you know
its a dirty bandit
flick flick
cashin j’s in
complaining why? whats gonna slip slip
sure, special
look around, no tip tip
you frozen tit tit
dethaw dryin on hotel spit spit
I grew up this island
taking back it
oh? your buddha bowl
I washed it
its gonna have cracks
leakin a bit
cashew cheese smells legit
like a loaded pistol
hope your cleanin it
without soap, your rinsing it
beastly, this is beastiality
shake your head around it
uncles top rate shit
gout salad
gov’t sends me slips
like chick its been so long
where you been hiding
lets scrape some shit
get your pap first then Ill mitt
like a slicer playin catch up with my mitts
use a towel to blot it
still a stretch linoleum does you
even bugs hiding under you
When Im done, Im still washin you
in the bin, greasy, easy, pizza tin

blue g’s signin in
the floor
next to sticky old food gore
blue gees sing like green bee stings
like glees hard core
keep bleep on alphabets fridged door
what are we recyclin for?
this is dry but rinsed? I store.
do rocks recycle?
dustin old bulletinboards
old bills stackin on the fridge once more
like what you waitin for?
lookin like urgency
evenin the score
like they wont gather anymore
will you stop it from coming more?
write a note of what to be thankful foe
pickin up
just to last a week
then fallin down on the floor
keeping them up high
makes matters worse
keeps them bouncing back more
root beer floats
when we take the steam boat out
river floored
like trees know more cats
savin xmas once more
bringin cans of meat veg or
what about dry pasta beans and pizza sauce?
eye sore!
exclamation exciting so I use them some more
like to sneak around lima beans to donate at the door
dont ask me cuz I look poor?
scoopin pasta out like its to die for!
no bitch I dont want more!
keep it for, others lookin like please dont run out whore!
keep lookin out for my neighbours!
keepin on the other side of the glass door
“meet me in the dark”
more like meet me in the line up
bitch your eyes sore?
mine are bloodshot sellin green out friendships door
across the street like what you waitin for?
at the bus stop like what you lookin for?
minus 4
meet me at the line up more
move in line
like peace cost more
cant shake holy hands holdin more
only mix like salad
with the greens
if I pour
like cops
aint nothin green here no more
except this sign up on the door
waitin outside friendships main door
collecting up like superstore
what you thankful for?
all this dried food on the floor?
ahh just tryin to do goo-d
I cant help you
sticky residue
as I walk away I sanitize my hands
cuz I cant trust whores
ruinin my holidays friends like dirty dividens
wavin like hey can you help me find a can?
wash your hands off man
next time you buy a jumbo
dont be lookin
for those dents and openings
animals at the bargain
nameless 2 faced friends
boilin up these tomato soup, yes I cans
hands sans
think of me pourin
over lava rocks just beamin
where I been
like lightening thunder streamin
plastic burnin in my hands
ever pee in plastic and cover it in plastic
then send to the plastic waste bin?
its trashed like my buckle clicking
its just a present to you my friend
pee over this here can
drippin off your hands then
dont sanitize them
go window shoppin
greenhouse gas my ass in flocks!
leave alone, dont ask me for a box
pass by my look
die alone in any carbon box
excuding waist is your detox
Oh Im so exposed! emitting oils from these wooden crops
Merry christmas waste bin McD’s wrapper fauxin flocks
pass by me on this sauce
3 layer diaper cake
saran wrapped dirty pizza box
please only clean dry but recycle this box!
skim the milk
like chocolate sauce
we sold out the minty version,tossed
fragile like a spoiled cake inside this box
ring toss
like a secret agent glass eye
apple sauce
no apologize for the flat sprite at cost
nog naggin sheets like docs
cholesterol free shots
boiled eggs soaked in refrigerator frost
throwin supper out like its lost
whats the price
a doctors cost?
learning to write up social crossed?
sign in this thought
out the door like hoarfrost
dont remind me of that blurry fog
drenched in snow
secret santa
root beer shots
shooting santa fire bursts gluten
pellet cookies
like Im no pelican
day old botch
he’s knowin the reindeer call all the shots
like whats like a virgin on a rooftop?
all my spoiled socks!
you can bet this clap is crossed

keep me in the distance
like to hum on grandpas tune
he liked this movie
fiddler on the roof
saw the jedi too
walkin past the church zoo
where her sister lifted up all these tiny balloons
i was thinkin, hey ya, once I knew you
keep my distance like a rusty crew
colors grooved
in my seat
buckled for two
across the way
i almost died too
listenin to this carolling groove
n sync’d
keep my green lovin next to
in the sinking source
rusted tubes
drippin flippin
aquarium diffuse
black coursed
cleanin windows
lookin for a muse
backscored clues
holdin signs up
like a cardboard roost
using the cups
only to
setting stages like
rock starring brew
stackin pids on top of this news
nicknamed boos
stick relatives
stalkin foose
next means
pulled the force into you
to releave a cough using the purple hue
chemicals cut off used to dab you
like bleached paper to take the edge off
addicted too
korsickoff towels papered to blot a few
good looks like
west minister abby
blessin table tops across my shoe
why is it when I try to speak
my sis always coming through?
I feel so bad
throwing out this tiny box
for a tiny few
speak out so soft
disruptions are few
eruptions cued
while this albatross
is crossin over you
keep plants in the beach
where I like smellin bleach
a dirty room
toilet bowls
flushed for you
embarrassment luxury
but its true
murky bedside jerky
holy shit its captain you
just to pretend
keep this spread
like MK product
twins divide you
like oh its nicole
I just really like to pretend
yeah its bad
but I still have a few funny friends
yeah its me old bunny hundred
just makin millions
like an air filter
protectin freezin
not just payin my dues
like to buy a candle
so I buy a few
got to match
with just cardboard ques
covering small areas like
kleenex is trending
folded, never used
buyin in
cuz I prefer stackin you
when Im mad
I like
to write a few
clearin the bathroom
like soda, you
pluggin the new load
for this tiny shrew
call this time xmas
food craving
crossing laces on my shoes
huffy puffin
just to bag up you
cherry puff
pictures over pretend
just to skip a few
is a rewind to the end
this is what this wash was meanin
like n/a these 40 dollar sandals
just to say handle with care
some diabetics have in the end
give it all
just to have two feet
uh okay again
pissed of
you got to pay for two socks
my friend
like shit at least you use
a walker
I dont got that
Ill just prop up you
my nightstand

cheese nips

dark maul
coles up in walmart
dont ask where your crackers are at
they arent they
Sally Ann in the lobby
sketchy drifties
patter pats
collaboration of stores
come in and get these warm hats
we have free light
incubators signed
if your child is born in the doorway
dont forget when its all over
what you hesitated
to come inside for
counting dimes
last year
my anxiety
what a crime
fuck fine
same store
same time

hate to be the warden
I keep a loaded pen
picki minaj
gang bang shit goes out
to the relic then
ghost doors condensation
turbo wheel
drunk drivers
derelict left to dive in

death and taxes
decipher all this
end this
no world hope
in the duplex
countin up dollars
bend this
countin up trops
defend this
heart in my throat
come through piss
cats all around
jumpin up counters and shit
like pedometers
speed sheet checklist
take a number bitch
the counters up
call myco
detroit channel switch
all in air
collecting dust and shit
no way out
let this master tell it

in the shower
like the rain
call me saran
like hussain
cuz when im wet
i gladly cling
onto what is insane
dark umbrella
biggest thing
afgan ring
dry buzz kush feeding thing
like bitch i dont know you
dont be fooled
i wish on trees like
a nezbit i got i told you
one two shoe haz it
yea shits confused
me with a dead girl
likes rhyming out noose with poos
both have the n word
i guess 1 and 1 make twos
guess i haz you like
dont be fooled
once a ghost nose her name
guest be ghosting you
a G date like casper I’m 28
I got alot of fantasies
bad habits
sorry im late
like a fat kid eat cake
but hey
If you got time
I can try and explain
snot ball rubber haul
if you like
walk through walls
never calls
broke things fall
dont like all
see my mirrors
I never lol