disgusting hoax
flashy sunglasses
flickering chittering twittering peeps
symbols clash my ear drums
i wanna see what i wrote you
swivelling into harmony

there he is standing there
sucking his smoke
here i am staring somewhere
people like perverted talk on the phone
dirty socks help
the most hand to hip scroll

keep the lines
right an smooth
theres nothin here
so nothin to loose
keep a steady hand
grate and pulse
and coz after a boundary
clarities south

the difference
in credit
deceit in the lines

in being proposed
no black or white

flickering flashlights
conveying moans

the vector is creaking
unleashed on the phone

the hum is dry
the sound in your ears

make no mistake
been many years

no sight for eyes
duty to reckon

i go to jump over
but theres no protection

vindicted its savage
all lights are out
if theres no retention
then keep potty mouth