low cal fruits
low budget
high sustinence
bliss in boxes
rasperry blueberry
eat the apple skin right off
just like
mineral broths
skim the tops
tarragon russian
gin and tonic
face your god
turmeric on my hands
ferment coleslaw broom sweeps like
Milena Albert’s wishes
blowing kisses to Dr Filonov
for dry fasting particulates
cherry tomatoes just like sweets
thriving off glass bottles
with no master cleanse to buy
only 6 bottles more for 100.99
pressed 3 times a week
no custom options available
vegan drinks in plastic cups
straws are for purchase too
just across from sally ann patrons
sipping from astringent necklaces
with the rent past due
gardens kept in doors
for stores
and free gardens all have signs
tarragon discontinued from this health food store
check the asian market, iphone translation at the door
what do you ask, french spanish or russian? no no
but here is some lovely winter melons and jackfruit ready to see?
local civic conservatory
winter retreat
riverside bliss
abandoned for the children to see in 2021
mrs bradley mongoose this is our paying plot
dont even think about sneaking a spot
finding compost dirt and leaves
mid winter hands
impossible lands
winters deep sleep
food banks squalor over free land, surrounded by donation banners that read of the latest farming grants
veggies take in midday fumes from traffic ridden smoky sidewalks
we are doing the best we can
which is all that we can do
to teach the young volunteers
the real spots like radishes can
but banana tree why oh why
did you those leave frosty windows
anna yakuba
breaking fasts like raw healing mastery on you tube
freelee the banana girl takes a new perspective
keep the blood moving the lungs breathing
the ketones flowing
the accustomed feeling in your gut
and fresh air
and breathing
the light generation
documenting crews

amelia waves
over sunny days
waiting for the blaze
hears the engine roaring
sings sianara stage
up in the skys souffle
such a pretty gauge
on life and living
cannon ball sherades
spends life going higher
these engines do amaze
my feet are up here safe and sound
in the tree tops flying round
such a pretty sound
burned flat to the ground
shrapnell sparks up
death is evident
i mark my last feat in the sand
found on my body in desolate
dry feet on the land
death is evident
years of questions lie
in a sandy maze
under sunny sky

bypass the anger
and rage
pillowcase races
chest out
parrot queen barking
till the end
the hero of a novel?
great insight
with resistence
and will
and a little purple rain 😉

Waiting to be cleansed
to be left alone,
too many eyes seeing.
energy accumulated
its so tired of martyrdom.
for years of exploit
it stares sweetly to a new life
unfavoring jangling keys
awaiting its own theft
or damage
or some unwanted brokenness
it dreams of being extinguished
put down
its stage darkened
not only one time,
but many