they say i do
have a wandering eye
when im tired
I need a view
that is farther
than mine
and you need jumps
and flints
to get by
like a unicorn
i blaze
in demise
acorn shoes
under pieces
of skies
horns blew
over like
little cries
taco shells
ram up by mistake
from behind
jumping sparks like
slapity hines
a fire producer
gonna take to the sky
blowin smoke
nearly missin on my
best new jeans
keeps on gettin me high
fuel burning
and i need to survive
keeping hot
underneath storms
it dies
above the tinder
blazin up
the beehives
material mixing
repeating cycles
of time
in long enough
it will spread
from your hands
to mine
throwing out butts
all across
the divine
recycle packs
just to waste
on the dime
coming back
soggy forks
and a fine
sorting out
in a foggy

love me up
baby boy got me
all certified
and shit
eating sharks
half the wit
like a dark shit
still owing blood for the pantry money
meek mills like a mouse on a broomstick
clock stopping versions
visions of fantasy clits
math of wicks
stacy ownin my grades
to the puke puller
on my tits
shiniest kicks
on my binder
wrote eat my shit
half wit
chopped like a broom of the stick
hair off of my clit
dry erase markers
all high and shit
see mokas hits
breasts fizz
its jacuzzi love
master bits
see this gin roll and fit
then a
roll back miss
party freaky kinda
show stoppin itch
show stomping princess
party possible after this
hotel sheets wrap up
heres wishin bish

boots of glue clodhoppin you
calves milkin moo
hottest feet crushing lust must
like a fetished podiatrist
god damn
shop direct
pay in time
hit erect
correct symphonies fillin me in
with signs of nothin new
the old fine
pay in respect due you
not a guillotine
but losin who?
keepin these bones in line
like a frozen fish mine
flowering mills like
soda cans searchin
heart attack killin it
word search past do
mouldy like a dampened salary
trade made
head turnin
enzymes allocatin
no calories hittin
always late
freezer breezer
slushin lace
feelin hard on this envy
like a puffy
i keep missin faith
hold it in like fizzy brews
till you poppin
like jimmy choose
guilit 2’s
keep the door key loose
in my pocket
cuz i aint still knowin
if i’d ring out you
Id rather be homein it
hangin a few
the laundry door
where its warm and
my rhymes run clear
when i bend words
in minor
stuffy outside
so i snort it
when i know its ill
i hold it
cuz my nose is at me
some hornets
around the block
and they grown it
like a runner spits
stinky clouds
flow it
washing jackets past 9
condone it
heavy and wet
chinese suckers
with a peach pit
lookin to laugh
and write a bit
dirty tracks
like melting shoes wet
fitting tight
hot steamin
lifted motion
im playing spinning and seeking
that smokin dryer sound
like i been searchin all my life
for something I never found
like roaming fines
i turn off you
like im around
i see where you

Call me flutters
cuz I’m like a small bet
Waist size skinny
Top of the pamphlet
Read iodine daisy
Version topless
Keep fit no Dinny
Version moffatt
Like plug for no cable
I’m a outlet
Shoppin for no piggy
Roof is topless
Louise with a zingy
Table topless
Bar with no rette
isnt flaw fetched
Like a pic with no zoomy
This is crop less
A swerve with no siggy
It’s cop less
A drawer with no conny
This is copped less
Chesterfield with no muni
See this shopleft

I’m a cancer like a warrior
I got bad news like Victoria
Raised up too tight
Snap a bra I be Exposin ya
Like oncology lm deplorin ya
Got the keys let’s go exploring ya
Lightin up like this entrance 9 meters in front of ya
Like 9 mos in this abbacus womb shit
not opened up
ain’t no body there
Christmas presents out like Santa dont care
don’t wait up either
but you gotsta ta just see
I like Fridays Black like coffees
when it’s cold cuz I’m too late
Keepin ya up cold porch
like youI got no NyQuil
Feozen fingers
like it warming exercising
Serves you rights ya
Birthin bank books
I’m not a crook
Benefits snap
like I benefit parties
in with chiro
standing stiff
Skittles up
You eatin my smarties
Too great it enough

Lactate on the mat
Pod of a pea
Push past at alarming rates
Blotted heels two and fro
Armed gates
Until the Mothers are sayin no
Or are ready to go
Ringers dead alarm for liver failure
Resuscitation of fluid
doesn’t aid the dying quivers
Back alley barn yard
Like a mascott
Barn owl tytan looks swell
but for a mouth
All hell
yell no avail tail
lookin like a male
Pelvis kungfu
Takin Babis home
like a momma
Coochie coo
Behind the rail
Hiding you

Reeds at the dock
Gemini moves
Soft Under rocks
Strong hollow stems
fill these blow holes
As Whales swim north
Shallow waters
sway across space
Placed for the sounds
pieces fit in
Classical dips
New movement nears
The pull of tides
With dark night sky
A moon sits by
Echoes drip I
Expose wet wicks
New to sunrise