took a pill in Ibeza
beck and yolandi stare up at the gates
go for a drive in burnin up blitz
like brandy beat up the bait
lap it up fits
checkin your mate
took up a gun interest
missing bullets stunned my face
blank page wrote off kiss
sealed up too late
hey this is beautiful
stare at his face
pulled papers poppin up
laid over firsts irate
like should i floss or just take a piss
for fuck sake
im screaming
in the sheets
countin up 7 rungs like they make fate
counting my jumps
up stumps
like the ladders just slipped late
stand over the cage
just to meditate
where my buffy
cane is caked
close up chillin with cats
callin fluff with my ears
when im dismissed
down deep in a cave
two black shelves
keep a close eye on the door
like i wont masterbate
buy what i like
burn what i hate
think of walking out
back with two shakes
like what they want
callin me mistake
cuz i wont remember
because its too late
but i know what i want
and i know what i take

thats my laptop
wings caught in my rafters
banana headache
blessin in
put bless in sin
caution tape
fibre optics and cable kinned
who died when
spell check b my only
between 2 ferns
kept it in
bushes hush when
danger beginning
underground telephone poles
before diggin
excavating or driving
stakes in
the area
please call frens
at our expense
not vacationing
pinning exaggerating
sasktel a fren
hotel lobes
buy-doritos im eating in
going camels crazy bin
cable guy
locating faves
feelin live wires
by cabling
calvin klaus
keeps happenin
eatin chips by stacking them
on a raft floats
sex on a beach tryin to win
beach on a boat
wireless tokes
changing filters
opening up croaks
filling up moats
bath blokes
omg chokes
fuckin hot
like kiss kiss
rey off the slopes
hittin those notes
whats your fries
s&m med or lrg or super sz
tell me elevator
whats makin you rise
wearing blue shirts
floating over dead guys
booch rum codes
may disguise
justice league has em
strapping in young guys
i want in
no vagin
copin 4 the eyes
riskin 6 flippin and zippin those flies
shoppin means ok with my font sz
furry friends tattoos
turnin double gents to guys
wheres the rents
down the aisles sent
givin guys chills like
vibes going downto the basement
they readin the radios
like somethin sent
comma cons model tree fakin ken

when i worked the desk
host server
they called me
up to the office
to clean the tables
when i did you
gave me a shirt
to buss off the place
i forgot im sorry
then show me your watch
you got it
i got this job but
i know why
its cuz im real good
at listening
and a quick learner
those tables done
guess ill go back down
thanks for the shirt

prism chaotic
belts identify
the traggers pole reverberates
my non eating skull
repeating creaks
a toggleboard of winning
pulling equipment out of the shirt
non suitable
bushes untrimmed
hiding threatened pulling
in the pitch
smoothly flicking beads off
dashes above me
i am aware of it
exhausting my light
black radiating through to me
i direct my gaze softly
without notice
it shimmers behind soft wet dripping rain
in silence
hollowed black in angles
sparking details to me
skinned, left mangled
and panting from a meet
its only warmth pressing from nares
impenetrable focus to me
looming response
its claws dig boots through my traplines
it wont allow me to view its feet
i wane inside this dugout alone
i see it
drifting across i stare
pull in
i focus my light to it
on its surroundings and it whispers
in a murderous blight
a grande tune familiar
i move my eye in and gasp
observing its toned decoration
grammaphoned piercing
eye gauntlet growth
i sketched outlines of you
i know you
earl crowed black
from inside the out of you
i helped you to
the worlds that no one knew
i retrieve blankly
a gamed X and O’s
ari howling happily next time you

Lucas swing
Lucas mills portable flagship for 23
replacement blade
Improving gloves sawing
Like Jim carrey chaching
Swing lift like removing a motor
from tender to the yacht
without hoisting
To the sea sting
circular swing
blade cutting

I sucked it before you could call me a loser
Called you my homie like I got a warmer houser
I’ll leave with my garbage thoughts
Inside of a cruiser
Before I drive away off in it
All this will diffuser
sometimes I’d rather just stay up late and fight without a snoozer
Your a dismissal dismay demise it just looks like an abuser
I use my finger to poke mights at
Until Its just one big bruiser