Bring in August
With a rush
Splash in with
A Break and bust
Shooting dirt
And Spit and rust
Never shake
Like Mary must
Peanut risen
Sherry dries
Mepore clinging
To my eyes
Empress laundry
Drift and size
Bigger bandwidth
Salted cries
Justin beiber
Hockey puck
PiƱata candy
Luck luck luck
Hit and hit
Until you score
All the sweetness
To the floor
Princess near the door
Go with him
Cause he’s worth more
So much less then bargained for
To Dollar days
And saving scores


Made a promise
To a good man

Threw his heart across
My left hand

Throwing rice
tomato soup can

Time is ticking
Fast like quicksand

Keep on counting
Many moons stand

waves come crashing
Sending new sand

Press across entire

Here we are
Collecting quicksand

Adjusting tides
For many moons and

Look along
Wherever we stand

Stars are shiny
Like my left hand

Keep on smiling
Like we did then

White and pearly
With my best friend

Keeping happy
While we withstand

Returning sly
Proper decisions

Buckled knees
Arrest to deep ends