shoulda stepped to this recycling bin
garbage shits upping rate
im invisible yes
its so hot
i float across
my old goat black remote
be wavin hi
given smokies to the croaks
wassup yup i got 5 for you
flames biccin gentle men bend on knees
to feel a smile? wtf
he got that blinder music
from behind the gates
making munny at the top
smoking free
shits great
shits good if you can see
verg of the berg
birthin proofed
not looking to encourage
think im from the marsh with all this fog in my face
pearly white mouth 17 years after brace
no welfare news
just kind words to another
one who respects my shoes
one of my brother
drawing pictures like
you like mermaids too?
out cornering a mini protest
looking for food
like i wanna eat
asking if i like mushrooms
float to the moon
only its tiered atop
thousands of shiny balloons
of course i told him i would not
and so you
ill see you soon
cant wait to see the room
mixing loon
i did i say sober? I thought it was saber tooth

i didnt know that crown jewels was so disgustin
your eyes hiding like
that boy is bustin
i was just looking for a guy with those burger king fries
hella good ‘lies
and no touchin
something bout holdin off keeps me hushin
no protection to this flooding heart
beats are rubbin
water suddin
shiny eyes lovin
watering seeds to my sand
illuminating man
its seriously clear
dont cross my mind
never fear
see me yelling free
i dont wanna see
who wouldnt wanna be me?
cant speak
wont speak
just speak in text
mix moon microphone
yes cigarettes

swimming under slides
only gets muck in your butt
under the umbrella
its deep oceans
like waterfalls
libraries know
a wildfire is hot
an explosion is loud
when it seems
there is no other option
its time to look for options
to check them books out
you just gotta stay a bit longer
visit a bit more
with all the fines
and masterminds
theres still the option
of renewal
finding old cd’s that you already returned the cases for
having young librarians bring in what is essential
childrens books across the province for free
library techs who listen
and see

when ever it looks all burnt and black
birds fly
wind blows
the sleeper to the rail is carful to carry the largest load
pretend metals at the lake with my brothers
gold silver and bronze
watching cbc
hearing those country songs
our bunk beds were made of steel too
there was always homemade cookies
a cupbord of something
ice tea
ice cubes
and when it rains
you sit under the rafters
and hear it
and see it
but if you sit on the swing
you can sometimes feel it.

having a heart attack
might die they say
turn the dial all the way up
breathe right away
well i feel that pressure
radiating heavy and deep
get to the medicine
dont have much time
call me a Dr.
need a life line
keep me up
holding my heart
that aching feeling
medical cart
look for the cordless
dial what i see
frozen numbers
stare back at me
blurring my sight
vision is shaky
drop the little red bottle
3 times to make me
till the pain forgets me
helps me to breathe
squeezing my heart lately
dont know how
but its starting
to break me

new draft
“umbrellas make good boats
but boats dont listen
stars tell the trees your secrets
and trees make good friends
and umbrellas”

trees make umbrellas
umbrellas make good boats
when it rains it pours out moats
tell the trees to listen to the stars
trees hold all your secret scars
and pick you up well when your tired
and wait with you until you want the sunny

you say that you wouldnt but you know that you would
he was my hook
I was the bait
and you were the fish
but who was holding the rod?
i suppose you dont need bait
but I feel like I didnt really get to be more than a small minnow
I suppose it w as big other
the internet dream
the money makers
the commodity
the consumer
i mean
sev is gone
same with everybody else
i order whisky to our table
I stand in front of 3 other people waiting in line
there is no special joke