heather locklear
cuffed in battery
70’s sister blonde locks
vasaline smiling cheeks
body suit poled up
nails like a dash
red pokers in hold up
flash flash
swish it out
pour it harder
tap shoes over tilt
taller ones
mens flasks suits silt
late night risk felt
caught tight fish belt
no cares just lace
bright pearly shiney gates
tighten up your mace
fall in line heasitate
night light shine in
doormat begin
wait in line for
charley hussle
dorm hoar
bushy russle


IF fast
4 hr window
1L water
fruits are my benzos
bloat is in
measuring my meats
in the morning
messier in the sheets
breakfast at 2
thinking about cauli
what to take in
exotic chia avo-aussie
bit of cashew
avo sliced
quarter half
honey dew with banana
vega blend do the math
mango pomegrante
delish raw and bare
backside loving
not much of a dare
limitless sense
dipping into the loving
disordered eating
if you thinkin bout the feud
make your nana blush
all this blood
to my cheeks
rushing up past
bubbles crash
parakeets into the rafts

trippy soup
slippy sue
always clips
up a brew
she chops up stew
keeps atop
a floating loo
always panting
running slew
cant keep contained
the drippy goo
gets all messy with the few
the crunchy crew
slurps and slop and
thin the glue

when i feel like writing
I write
I pull up a chair
and boogie down
sometimes it s about an old love
other times its about what i see
but always i write in the moment
because its all i know
but when i spend my day chopping
doing dishes
and cooking
i feel like preparing
and waiting for laundry
i go to the store with my husband
it makes me feel secure
like an event
i hone in on the produce and bulk
its all i need to live
my son
survives on processed food since
weaned suddenly
and so here i am
essentially prepping
i quite smoking 2 weeks ago
just dropped it off
picked up drinking 3 L of water a day
because some malcom model says so
mood music hits like butterflies
and i use a serrated knife to chop
just to do it my way
i hit the 6th floor stairwell to work
its fun
im here waiting
for my human form to change
i thought i was pregnant a few weeks back
what a relief to know ive got my time back
its day off my little ponies for my son
hub is looking up screens and washing them down
spagetti squash lasagna fumes
vegan parmesan who knew?

Collect your searches
And lay in bed
Dream guy all on your brain
I’ll ponder life
From closed blinds
A turkey gobbling
At the computer desk

3 eye

light trails
up high

i see you up there
try to reach up
you spin
keep getting brighter
why do you look like a star
like a roticerie
shining to below
keep me in mind
i just want to reach up
connect at the temple
unite at the waist
ithink you know if you touch
you couldnt let go
i wont bite though

sun gleams
with you two
my backpack and
a pack of gum for later
i practiced this alot
feeling like me
thick hands
offer me a wish
leaning across the
passing water
i keep looking up
with a stargaze
i stare happily
over nothing
softly push back to
see you laugh
over nothing
ill lean in to see that face again
but i wont betray a lover
especially my first
I feel around for something
rippling water comes across like toonies
shuffled and squerming
but nothing is
just like water