pattering pitter
keeping up close
dabbing and dripping
climbing up shows
waving far lengths
collecting snows
all accounted for
whistles and throws


waving lengths
distance for you
to sleep here
catch us breathing
dipping in two
simple dock listening
echos from you
distance is creeping
silence is new
i keep drifting
away like you
within falling
without shoes

i see the sun while its shining high
i see the sun way up high
i couldnt where i see the sun
as it goes
ohh i didnt know
mmmm i didnt know
i see the sun shining
way up high
i see the sun shining
as i see the sky
holding as i
see the earth flat on my heels
as i walk by

people ache in time
i dont know
where they go
people ache in time

i dont know
where they go
people ache in time

i see the sun
i see the sun
shining on

low guns
in the sun


Ive eaten it

and lost
down it said

taken part
taken apart
more litany
ive looked down
washed and
its there
i know i am not
and yet
i am

Abnormal birth
Contorted and twisting
Exhausted and fixing
For what it’s worth
Is tricky and bevelled
Sweet and it’s svincter
Its cut and dishevelled
Finding my place
Amidst all its dark barking
Keep its
Lips puckered
And Evestrophing
Squeal a dirty
cough out to the howling
Gracious dark moon
Save me from scowling
In my air balloon