Lifeless Leonard

Along the wall

watching stones thrown across and fall

like boulders ache on

the unforgiving front

the lever unreached

the fossil left art

While i watch the scene

over and over

your at the center

as i look down

things continue to be swept

creating the frown

bow down

riddle less brow

i roll across the times
and lift the sheet
please do what you want with me
you lick my pierced neck and
i just cant see your face
grab me pull me choke and cover me
i close my eyes
please lick my asshole?
can we have sex again?
we have no condoms
did you want to have sex with me?
do you like my pussy?
ive been bad
be rough
ive failed.
i drift away
i keep it to myself
think about it in the pool
i hear myself crying
walking over to the towel
need some pool food
keep myself bled
and driving
im still driving