i sit down
and exhaust my efforts churning noble
crushing my patience in a silent waiver
i smile and nod
your near
i listen
and look
i appreciate and respect
i ensure a backdrop
that keeps us over here
i dont know where
but smoking on rooftops seem
to run the pearls to paris

hush siri
open your eyes
its a matter of security
grab a pen and realize
there is truth in the matter
and there is scarce in the lies
hold back over 10 stand back and
hit surprise

abbreviation and a corner desk
if all i wear is a heart shaped necklace
i look for the sea and earn its respect
through a basic privilege
and a fighter jet
like pillowtop monkeys
we pour over ciggarettes
we turn around hollow
and back up topless
addition of a temple
in baby bucharest
theres no time for bounty
and truth is sunset
it all takes the one
and that what we forget

and panic sometimes is siri
to get rid of those things that use up his fees
i know im accomplished
i like what i see
all except this
id rather not be
erasing lyrics
taking down trees
gotta do what he does
so he can do it to me
so i can see him
cuz i know what ill see
a future man does not care
at all about me
looking at him
you get what you see
its ranger bum
and mariah carey
i dont know what to say about him
but i know where id be
hes something of shit
i hope that he needs
something from him
and expects something from me
he grimaces at once
but winces at me
he says its ok
but he cant get past me
i have not touched
but i guess i should be
try and do less
with more actually
for living much longer
out happily

this brief suprise of maddness
i do suprise for free
the heart will go on and on and beats without me
ill meet you there under the tree without any practise
ill see you at 3
the glove body practice
yes expect a good treat

overtop of my homie
replacing fries with lies
this guy is not dead
no longer triumph standing by
he sits on top of sanders eyes
but dont be fooled there are no lies
this matter is urgent and should be wise
you guys better help me out
cuz ill surprise
these words will come and go like tides
if I feel enough the heat will rise
its not enough to keep inside
i cant handle this journey
jump into sunny skies
blurry vision
melts my eyes

change your life permanently
assessing vocal opportunities
bridging new communities succeeding limits without nudity
seems like nothing new to me
the accomplishments take others for granted
what we get for free
so far what they tryin to do to me
blend into by shoein me
to dwell against the realm
as a fuck off your schoolin me
he is an artifact lyric
postit rocksour with a lemon squeeze
nudie jeanzee
smothering tee
erasing whats free
the aerating flush and gyrating kelp is founded out of
the deep sea mouth
thats slush never melted me
the latitudinal lines wide with long heir and a longer tude then me
there is no friction
the equator mass be
hes rude to me
like a line divide the divine is gospel
spoken word is free
mood to me
like what i say never works for me
is also true to me
these things are addictive
just count to three
take down the tree intertwine
like a new postup print off of number 9
light up first try then give it a sigh
the truth in me
be embellished kids cause its worth a try
knuckles in a new tv
sleeping without a dead guy
very renewing leads
calming a stitch
dwelling pertinence lives sunny side
in the equivalents of funny
and realized
interpretation is silly sounding lies
sleeping soundly overtop of sly
rick is funny though
he’s a tougher guy
like soft in the middle with hard hungry eyes
like a type of new candy screened oversized
redeemed its own coat
watch it cause
it be disguised