puffing dry dirt
dry grass softens
this post
not licking stamps
dirty dressing
thumping blows
underneath sandwiched
wrecking all my clothes
moist hardness smoothing
similar to bed clothes
so near the stalking
the scratching to blow holes
familiarly scented
wherever this match goes
count on this figure
wherever this fact flows
its dirty and low
and its deep as the cracks goes
id never went deep and
the pressure shows

Im a clever fox
who drinks acid rain
it pours out my skin
i have no shame
what upsets me is depth
and there is no wrath
the fury is dug up
my own little path
i wine and moan
just like the rest
but writing is typing
and typing my best

If its time to believe
the position is due
your will to fight
for nothing to loose
the people who need
are the people who rain
if it slips on by you
theyre never the same


the title is mighty
but feeble the same
if you cant sneak it by me
your too much to blame
they catch you free willed
and disregard you the same
drink up the syrup
the sugar
the same