sweet talking chicken
that cold smoked rice
that impecable christian
that red rum delight
that Iroquois flambé
that roast red fright
that seared chicken breast
that roticeried bright
eloquent fauxpe
to the tripe
the smooth hour glass
the reasoned on right
that delicate tawny
that rain in sight
that plain stone cold
that wrappers delight

I’ll get that rich skin cream with vitamin e please
those cotton bbeauty gloves
not talking supplement
im talking simpliment
like an obey tee walking your bmx
nancy drew
ima call you
within ruins

pretty punch

could be a fork but
mightve been a wishbone
look for fault lines in the earth
like locke tonnes
finding tombstones

drawn in sand
hourglass of holding hands

broken stick smashed in
muddy stone turned girth
clay faced aerospace
snow man missing in my purse

wishing softly to whispering grass
like wind it chimes around
glistening glossy land

clapping muck like turf
looking grasshopper
power surf

too much waving
in like dominos
pizza pies pepperoni
with round circles

olympus gravy and fries
volcanos set in
water sky

bandaid wrappers like nail glue
kinder suprise wrapper who
coffin too