I woke up with a headache
My knee hurts
I thought I was pregnant
Testing my cervical mucus between my fingers
Thinking I was
But today
I was bleeding
went on with the day
I just finished eating Indian food
I feel sick with meat
I always do
I ate dry ribs yesterday
Some chicken finger this morning
My manager called me 4 times
I picked up
To find out I work this weekend
I’m tired
Just finished filling the tub
I’m tired of my body
This weight I’m carrying
I’m nauseous
From meat
Just Ill

I’m sure I’ll poop
But I wish it wasn’t in me
I’ll just wait until it’s not
They scared me
I’m not getting enough dairy
I eat Greek yogurt
It’s ok
Cheese sits in my throat
I keep going and going
I’m complaining
I need to feel lighter
I need to breathe