Crimson water
Bursts through
A pipe
Sulfured crust embezzeled
The girl can’t sing
She swells with water mostly
Bursts out when we look
when she’s suprised
Her feet drag along a slow line
Her fear of us heavy
Her power keeps safe
Instead She bursts with Crimson
She feels fear
But dances anyway

Beach towel

Rays burn deep
pink polyester blend
Thick creased
My overcoat
it’s so damn hot
bricklayers tarrin roofs hot
Looking around for another traveller type
What kinda trick is this?
Sand in my good leather
She’ll dance around in her feet
but I won’t carry those shoes
We’re not staying
My toe sifts in yellow heat
I like it here
The umbrella set up
keepin tabs on traffic flow
Sugar cone even
What a thought
picnic basket
forks and knives all set nice
always thinking
I mean the woman
She ain’t all bad
All mushy in this melt
My toes rubbin hot
water wavin at me
Alright enough already