Cash assets

Lasting chance
Last ten grand
Lasting plans
Makes me feel like I’m still a human
A little more cash to keep up
like a beggar man
Like a child
A prisoner
Set to be freed
this your court
Times short
Hear my plea
Anything else
You need from me?
Need some more time
Please let me be
A little bit longer
To think things through
I’m good for the fee
Mr money man
Come on,
Humour me!

Money man

Cult like
attention to banking
Studying new terms
Greed with envy
Coax my grin
Money is my true religion
True scientific evidence
Separating from
Compulsive hoarding
Working my spirit in
My body aches in pain
Impressing friends

The clock worshiper
Shiny time station
signed off duty
Overtime sent in

Keeping distraction
Committed and
With Ringing hands

Money man