‘truth in tones’
i keep the milk in my bones
keep it said and not done
like it how i keep my coins
keep em low in the johns
sever points for the chrons
dip into that dicky rons
without a taste of the gones’
these trees smell minty
but i keep walking ons
there is surely plenty nothing wrongs
if i play with all these songs

old slides of selfies
flicker in the light
drips sleek across
candles pour
bottoms of frames
fill my eyes
after the drips dry
Afib describes illegal messes
keeping in the stillness
i spill over the rest
windshields glaze
mattresses covered
i drop to my knees
and pick them up
but reminded
of several other times
where i could bend
and flick and fold
myself and others

old trance
see this dark dance
the haze of greys
smoulder maze
boulder faze
grey haze
dark maze
darker grays
smokey haze
darker days
come away
see the faze
key the laze
may the hay
and spin the grey
all the world
black and grey
creepy day
micheal may
dark array
keep at bay
set today
exposed ray
not today
sitely may
docker bay
seventy bocker cray
all the meaner

like a riddler
at the chance of it
just wanna hold hands with it
keep my pants on and jack to it
keep it all to myself
and dance with it
hold myself
and jack a sans to it
holding up a crank and pants with it
over out and old and ‘mance to it.

like a riddler
in the face of it
saying nope
its not for me
its going to be like night time
like summer
like snow
like we

in the name of it
i wrestle into clothing
like a lake
in January
snow is holding
please dont slam the gate

always forgetting
never late
choice is mine to take
rise up
ring up
sign up
sing flip flops
lake showing
patent pantser dancing
water flowing
all set
please yes

lake will surely now be glowing
slowly shredding
never rowing
all that glistening
comes with showing
never awake and truly knowing
never coming saving holding
never creeping
playing rolling
never craving
never knowing
all to take
and saving
too much hiding
brows be folding
keep awake
turn treading
all four checks
and scrolling
2nd best sings out
never guessed regrets
hand holding
i suspect the tree tops showing
alibi created owing
coming half to trap a mowing
and shake and stammer
and rolling

truth to the trees
want it on my knees
to the heart of my hot
the donkey to my trot
micheal to my moat
the float to my boat
the croak to my throat
the sachet in my tote
my pen didnt wrote
in the pocket to my coat
that rain to my moat
that single on my goat
the rapid at my boat
the fence to the booty
shake it for ya cutie
apples coming shootie
tame for the fruity

two rocks not yet high enough to reach the door
miracle baby at 44
what happened to the Michael oober that i knew
i kept seeing the sun and i couldn’t help myself for days
and i see it all go crazy
i couldn’t believe how the train stopped
and what i believed to be true
i saw the sun 40 times and didn’t see past my own coat
i helped the rain come down and i didn’t know what i could say
my own coat i saw to the sand
i was interested in new lands
the donetello
the heartship
i was able to see the interest in it all
but i didn’t see what else i could do.