Sit and think about what I did
In my room
Fall asleep
Stretch to the perfect angle
Which has never happened
Tell myself to eat less
to live gently
Eat less because I have no money
Eat less because I am particular
Eat less because I am impatient
Lose my shit because I am a human
In wasted real time
Return to retarded
Thought processes
Tell myself I am better off dead
Realize I am not
And repeat
Gratitude in isolated cohesion

Ohm pt 2

clean the Soppy food
from the bottom of the sink
Prop the dirty dishes up
onto the countertop
Drain water
from rinsing the plates
If clogged,
You much reach in
Using your hand
as the filter
And lift
and let the cold
water sink
between your spaced fingers
If you forget to use
the plug
You must scoop the food out
using your dominant hand
Allowing the food
to enter down
the drain
only leads
to further
You must clear the food out
of the sink
Carrying the covered handful one at a time
to the garbage can
if needed
If you want
to have the dishes clean
in the sink
Or you can use a dish plug