Smoochie Robyn
Like a backstabbing pen
Carry 2
Like going to remai
to buy me a pen
No days off
Prolly be workin
Roast is toast
shovelled in
a new hen
Goblin gooses
Zombie zoster in
Snatch that chick
Out gates
that peacock bear in
Toss that state
Far from imprints
Hobo gloves
Inks creepin
Like jellyfish blottin
Glass eye searching lurking
Prolly smurfin
So much jerkin
Heart pale
Must be workin
Red face noose nursin
Calm trough
Clicking surfing
Irritating beats cause scoffing
Hope it’s blue rare
On your stake
This is heart health
Buffy’s black and white
considerable snare
consider your life
and timely spared