swimming under slides
only gets muck in your butt
under the umbrella
its deep oceans
like waterfalls
libraries know
a wildfire is hot
an explosion is loud
when it seems
there is no other option
its time to look for options
to check them books out
you just gotta stay a bit longer
visit a bit more
with all the fines
and masterminds
theres still the option
of renewal
finding old cd’s that you already returned the cases for
having young librarians bring in what is essential
childrens books across the province for free
library techs who listen
and see

when ever it looks all burnt and black
birds fly
wind blows
the sleeper to the rail is carful to carry the largest load
pretend metals at the lake with my brothers
gold silver and bronze
watching cbc
hearing those country songs
our bunk beds were made of steel too
there was always homemade cookies
a cupbord of something
ice tea
ice cubes
and when it rains
you sit under the rafters
and hear it
and see it
but if you sit on the swing
you can sometimes feel it.