when i feel like writing
I write
I pull up a chair
and boogie down
sometimes it s about an old love
other times its about what i see
but always i write in the moment
because its all i know
but when i spend my day chopping
doing dishes
and cooking
i feel like preparing
and waiting for laundry
i go to the store with my husband
it makes me feel secure
like an event
i hone in on the produce and bulk
its all i need to live
my son
survives on processed food since
weaned suddenly
and so here i am
essentially prepping
i quite smoking 2 weeks ago
just dropped it off
picked up drinking 3 L of water a day
because some malcom model says so
mood music hits like butterflies
and i use a serrated knife to chop
just to do it my way
i hit the 6th floor stairwell to work
its fun
im here waiting
for my human form to change
i thought i was pregnant a few weeks back
what a relief to know ive got my time back
its day off my little ponies for my son
hub is looking up screens and washing them down
spagetti squash lasagna fumes
vegan parmesan who knew?