the sound of speaking softly
the feel of patience
feeling the pain
hearing the keys
haunting silence
a dark oak haunts me
echos lift as i
shift my position
a thick mist plugs
the great fog lessens
a host
the sands of an hourglass drift to me
a debating font corrugates
air just lifts up the pages
drifting to this
i focus my energy
my legs lift
my shoes clammer
i am not wanted
i waive my rights
they look to me
my consent
has no capacity
i lift my pen
my book slides under me
marbles drop at my feet
i keep my earwarmers over
my fingertips numb
my throat coughs out the moist air
dizzing thoughts drift me to one side
i keep my ear low
my neck frozen
i lay
and listen
this meaning keeps me near
it says