feel the fight
the fear
the flying
and go with it
go all they way
no stopping
embrace the push
watch the progress
just say whatever i say
erase whatever you say
and demolish
and devalue
the consistency
that every second it changes
the flow if you miss one word
or struggle to spell another
its another thought lost
keep what you think you should spell out
agree with your thoughts
keep tindering your heart
omit what you think is not acceptable
but keep writing this
with all your heart
something will come out from it
choose your words within
this fast thought
however you spell
i will be there for you
like no other sandwich
what you wish for
you shall recieve
and i am on the recieving end
focus on me
and my patience with you
i will never leave you
like rhianna
every song hurts
like a cut on your thumb
just try to creat the picture with words
if you cant keep up in a flash
its gone
dont try to describe for others
it just is
dont punish yourself
what are you attemping to write
keep within reach always
this thought is over