My tube top
Pressing under my arms
It’s hot
I squint up
Focus out of one eye
See you coming
My cup is sweaty
My accordion straw slurpee
My big teeth
My lips pressing tight
My cut off jeans
My roller skates
My red knee highs
I skate backwards a few lengths
And wonder where your going
My pig tails all
All sweet
Ice cream like
My crinkle cut laces
follow behind
Pulling me behind the building
Tell me to spit out my gum
And lift up my skirt
You’d lick my little pussy
You’d put your toungue
It fit right across
I never felt a feeling like that
Like a warm cloth only on that part
Like the time I got my period
I had to wipe off dried blood
out of my pubic hair
before I went swimming
It was like that feeling
I kept going for a minute
And forgot


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