Early night tonight Im thinking
Supper is wiped up
Dishes done with vigor
Thinking of sitting for a drink tonight
Dad sits wih you in the tub
I race to shoppers
At the cashier a woman
is talking loudly
with a cashier
Telling her
she doesn’t appreciate
being followed
behind the counter
The woman asks
is it my glasses
or what I’m wearing
do you not like them
is it my hair?
keep my head low
and race back home
Throw the club soda in the fridge
things feel promising
bath time over
lotioned up
and pjs on
It’s 7
Jumping around the bed
at 700
Dad plays rough
15 minutes later
use feet
laugh, laugh
pulling to the page
you want
It’s 930
to the tv
play a movie
Watch black sheep
Laugh and laugh
Drifting down
Shows me, early
Sit for a drink at the table
Have a drink
Being out my bag of yarn
I want to be Taken over the table
Tear off my own long johns
Set them on the chair
My husband smooths over my backside
We’re kissing
You cough awake upstairs
We hear each other sighing
Sends my eyes up to the roof
walk to the stairs
like I’m coming back down
Empty promises
You know my plans
and stir to wake each time
I try to leave
I lay trying
Soon your dad comes
up to the bedroom
and smiles
Lays beside me
I go down later
for a drink of water
See it all cleaned up
and put away neatly
Love fill.s me
Travel up and
lay down
on the bed
think about nothing
Until the morning


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