My eyes blind
They can’t see
Blinded by north
headed by sea
Captain see the waves
catch my feet
I hope they won’t
Be capturing me
Hiding my eyes
I cannot speak
Keeping it calm
Wrestling the sea
Nudging ahead Till
waves set me free
Releasing my fear
They’re hovering me

Hobbling and waving
Darting fleet
Ducking and bending
black covered sheets
I cannot breathe
I hold in my sides
dare to touch me
Clinking their swords
Tossing at knee
Jutting their mouths
Rain splitting teeth
Silver water pricking
Daring I sleep
feet shuffle forward
gather my wits
Should I jump down
or be shredded to splits
prods poking pointy pins
pricking my plea
Off with the head
Dammit commits me
run in with splinter
Pushed in
I let go

I wave in
From Sinking below
the blurry
I gasp through
the wet fever
hits me
I cease to freeze up
I howl
and it’s lengthy
My voice heads the tide
Gigantic stricture
tightening my lap
The water is frightening
The Dark quiet sap
So heavy
My muscles collapse
The darkness builds
in my lungs
as I gasp
I tear off the necklace
My body stiffens
I finger the clasp
Punches dig in as
Bubbles breath fast
Soon from the breath
That is surely my last

Blur faded flickering
Floats up as I grasp
Collecting a log
drifting on past
I quickly gather
the strength
I had last
get a good feel for
What must be a raft
captain heads out
and with him
I grasp
Attached to my arm
The necklace floating past
this log collects fate
I wont ask


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