Seymour glass

Hello there
Phony ass
Bullshitting snake
well wishing tit-
Returned to berate
Keep your shiny apples,
Check this saving grace.
A few bucks to spend on whatever you choose?
I’m gonna link up with all of your who’s.
it’s a made up conversation, a whammy mistake
Only no phoney words, just your own bad taste.
Projecting your nasty all over the place.
Superstitious items to throw out or trade?
Wipe out your inbox , starting today!
I’m saying start over or quit, get it, you choose.
I’ll fucking say it-
Its time to lose.
Wolf in sheeps clothing
Cut your shit profile too
I spotted you out
You hider
You floater
Pop up
You flake!
Reverse, edit
Almost too late
Your content and style is scattered, and bad.

I mean hello are you in there?
It’s a typing machine
No trial. No manual.
Your not being seen.
It’s not gonna bite you, it’s a tool for your voice.

Try a little harder and think this one through.
And If your still reading this,
then this ones for you.


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