Really I’m searching
For something I said already
Something I believe
Over and over
Something new but familiar

I don’t quite have the words yet to quite see
Is it ok
what am I trying
Screaming for relativity
What is my heart saying
Not to compete for knowledge
But finding the language, the words, to communicate to others what I’m feeling and believing and receiving in my soul.
having the ability to move and grow
But without finding some inspo words
somehow I’m stuck
Minimal common sense
Looking to others who have experienced. What I want to experience.
I’m like a blind dog sometimes,
Sniffing out to no end
a motivational guide of sorts
Sees what I’m trying to do,
Entertaining me.
I’m discovering
I’ll be
Who I always be
What I think
What to do
Exploring myself
Sensing a bit of space someone has left a clue to direct me
No matter the cloudy exterior
I look to those who are truly seeing.
Does this sound alright to you?


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