Jean jacket

I want to watch here
Right behind you and
I am here standing and
She is swinging and
there your pushing and
I’m still Wishing and

Hands in my pockets
I am so sorry and
It was my duty then
Keeping your jersey and

had it good when
we had nothin and

I was too proud and
Now I’m ashamed when
You see your better than
I wanted better then
Bread and butter and
clothes wore in and

Now I’m looking with
Both my hands with
pockets wore in and
She’s still swinging and
I’m still standing and
I’m not working and

I was here trusting and
She was back raising them
I saw it different then
You saw me working and

my knuckles hurting and
My knees aching and
Here’s the moment when
I might have raked in

You think I’m hurting
But here still standing
Now your working and

she is swinging
your here standing And
Your not looking and
Now she’s waiting and
Not so different then


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