Storchenweige baby slinging
Stokke stroller matching crib
His chair is growing with him
His bed wheels on a whim
Well thanks it’s from kijiji
We shop at winners too
We can’t find the plain colours
Only prints and bold.
No infant swimming lessons because they are not old.
Where can I buy these indoor climbing boards?
Think someone would figure out this is what we are getting when supporting big box stores.
He’s Cutting a banana with a dull knife
Montessori waldorf gerber all seem to have it right
However since I’ve chose this, my pocketbook is thin
park play free to be social
Fresh air naps in chilly weather after din
All this information hiding in user letters
Toilet learning’s out of print
the common sense distracted too busy or too cheap
So here I am
Searching for information at the top of message boards
Janus bellaclava
Engel shirts and tights
Merino Woolly socks from Latvia and the like
For our chilly winter nights
Rubber pants to pullover till his
reima snowsuits off
Elephanten snow boots
So he doesn’t wet his socks
To childhood independence!
no such similar items I can find
Customs is a bore
Still can’t find what I’m searching for
Quality lasting items
Lasting for years to come
Please ship out to Canada
If you have got us some!


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