Post it

Take an oath publicly first,
To Stop being such a cowardly prissy pants online.
And to create a willingness to seek insight about yourself online.
Then document every current thought and thought about thoughts
And post it!
mean every single word.
back it up with your life.
no holding back.
Take out anything you get bored of no matter what it says. If it’s lame I’m gonna think so too. I’m your friend not some weirdo.
Just erase it.

Wanna write poetry?
Write your thoughts down,
describe the situation exactly,
describe the experience from your viewpoint only. Pretend I just never understand what your trying to tell me. Take out all words that are too attached to your viewpoint like place or time. I wanna experience it like you did. I want a fuzzy memory too. And I don’t know those details. Pretend I’m really interested in everything your saying. keep the words that make it more user neutral.
meditate, really roll around in the moment your describing.
Send positive energy to each word you get ready.
Love to Describe it Like a really fond memory.
Who the hell cares what you hate, I wanna know why you hate it.

Look for situations and think about what you feel strong about in them and tell me about it, like I’m the queen bee, bring that shit back, don’t be hiding it.i want the good stuff.
Write the shit out of anything you feel strongly about.
Again, no holding back.
Be proud of yourself.
Have a good read.
Own it.
Like your writing for a friend whom you love dearly, have done everything together and I am now a paraplegic or blind or something. I want to experience it. Take me away dammit!
take out those filler words.
tag words you like that vaguely attach to your message.
someone always needs to learn what you’ve learned, not what you know. Especially if it’s transitional or you are just having an new revelation. How did you get to it? You can’t make this stuff up!
It’s your journey to focus on writing down.
Your life is what makes life interesting to me.
Your title is your point.
Don’t reuse words in the writing.
Choose extremely descriptive words to explain the experiences in your head
Help tell its story… You know you wanna figure that shit out!
someone is always searching, help them! Like a new kid at school, show me around in your head. Dont just tell me, show me with your words!
Listen as you edit as though your hearing it from someone else.
Let out the floodgates once more.
no regrets.
Edit it for punctuation if you want
I Use punctuation as a means of getting the person to see it how i want them to. Just try it out. Think of it later, pay it no mind for now. Like writing a note to your best friend,me!

Learn from your shit while you write it
Be honest to your inner essence
Show people who you are through your work.
Creep your followers, where they from, what they doin.
Take it all in.
Be aware!
Continue no matter what and especially if you love it or feel relieved by posting it! It’s people like you that make the world more interesting!
Keep writing out your current worries, frustrations, what your scared of, what you love and hate. Especially if it’s rude!
Most of all keep writing.
Then think of the dessert and quickly down your supper and reach for it!


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